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Last Updated 11/2013

YKK Snap Fasteners America Supplies Its SNAD® Snap Fastener For Temporary Shelters in Japan

YKK Press Release

Lawrenceburg, KY – YKK Snap Fasteners America Inc. (YSU), a Japanese manufacturer of metal snaps, buttons, rivets and burrs, is providing its plastic adhesive snap fastener SNAD® product for use in temporary shelters in Japan. Prior to the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan’s Northeast coast on March 11th, the Lawrenceburg, Kentucky Company sold its SNAD® product to YKK Fastening Products Sales Inc. (YFPS) – a distribution company owned by YKK Corporation in Japan. YFPS is now furnishing construction crews in Japan with the SNAD® for use in QS72 Quick Space shelters for those who were left homeless by the disaster.

Originally developed for the marine industry, the SNAD® has a unique dome shape, is made of an automotive grade of plastic, and is available in a stud or socket. In addition, the underside of the plastic dome contains a pad of 3M(TM), VHB(TM) acrylic conformable foam adhesive that enables the snap to stick to most surfaces without having to drill a hole.

The stud version of the SNAD® will be utilized along with a metal socket to hold windows and doors closed in the QS72 Quick Space shelters. The SNAD® stud will be attached to the inside walls of the shelters, and a metal socket will be affixed to the back of the windows and doors. When the SNAD® stud and metal socket snap together, they will hold a window or door shut in the unit.

YKK Corporation plans to donate 100 sets of the QS72 Quick Space shelters to the Red Cross Hospital in Japan. So far, the Company has donated 40 units, which were delivered on March 23, 2011.

YKK Corporation is a worldwide manufacturer of sewn products fasteners and architectural building products based in Tokyo, Japan, with 39,000 employees in 71 countries. YKK Snap Fasteners America Inc. is a subsidiary of YKK Corporation of America – parent company to YKK’s extensive operations in North and Central America.

For more information, contact Rod Helwig at (502) 839-2297 or rodh@ykksnap-america.com.

3M(TM), VHB(TM) are registered trademarks of 3M Co., St. Paul, MN.